Social housing organisations have done significant work in their roles in supporting their residents and the communities in which they work since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. We want now to be able to understand and measure the impact that they have had, and will have for the duration of the crisis.

We are inviting social housing organisations across the UK to send us details of nine measures that will help us evidence the impact that the sector has had during this crisis. The measures have been developed in partnership with numerous social housing organisations across the UK, measures that we believe many organisations will already be collecting. The measures are simple, easy to collect information on outputs such as welfare calls, advice and guidance, direct financial support, food, staff redeployment and residents at risk of arrears.

Capturing the information in this form will benefit our community investment colleagues to demonstrate and influence internally about how their team and those they’re working with have stepped up to respond to the virus. Collecting these figures will also be useful for any funding bids you may do, as well as for making the case for community investment in the long run.

By sending us the information in this form, you will join with numerous other social housing organisations in providing us with powerful evidence to tell a persuasive story about how social housing has stepped up to respond to the challenges that have emerged, as it unfolds.

These impact measures have been endorsed by:

  • NHF
  • SFHA
  • Placeshapers
  • Tpas
  • Communities that work
  • Community Housing Cymru
  • Northern Housing Consortium
  • Clarion
  • L&Q
  • Sovereign
  • Peabody
  • Orbit
  • MTVH
  • Newydd HA
  • Longhurst

How to complete the impact measures form

The impact measures form was first produced at the end of April 2020. The first time you fill it in, please record your figures for March and April 2020. Please return it with figures for these two months to by 15 May 2020.

In future months you should only fill in figures from the previous month – so May’s figures should be provided by 15 June, June’s figures by 15 July, etc.

We will aggregate the figures and send these out to everyone who has provided data for that returning month.

Please fill in answers to the General Information tab once only. The tabs along the bottom of this document are for you to complete according to the month by which they are labelled.

Please only fill in impact measures that are relevant to your organisation.

We have tried to choose measures that your organisation is collecting already, so we hope you won’t need to start collecting these figures. Once approach might be to convene a monthly meeting between the community investment team and any colleagues collecting any figures you don’t have. The coronavirus pandemic is showing how closely community investment is linked to other departments, and that we are all part of one team when it comes to reacting to the needs of our communities across the UK.

We are proposing to collect these measures, for 6 months initially, and will review whether an extension is needed after that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please note

This form is to help the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment champion the community response of the social housing sector around coronavirus. The anonymised figures will also be shared with the relevant National Federation for your part of the UK. At a later stage these figures will feed into further research and reporting relating to the sectors response to the crisis. There will be further opportunities to contribute to this research in due course.

Any data collected during this form will be stored by HACT and only used for these purposes. Any data used externally will be anonymous or amalgamated. We will not use the data for the purposes of either public benchmarking or peer-to-peer comparisons.

Please fill in the form before downloading the spreadsheet

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