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Jul 14, 2020 | Featured News, HOME FEATURED RIGHT

Following a number of questions from contributing organisations, here is some additional advice about how to complete your impact measures form.

Update advice: Our impact measures are due on the 15th of every month. For more information please email Adam Chester at adam.chester@hact.org.uk 

For each month’s return, please only provide the additional figures for that month which has just passed, rather than providing a total figure from all months so far. E.g. ‘Number of Welfare Calls Made’ – for next month, please make sure you have only told us about the welfare calls you made during June, as we already have your figures for March, April, and May. When we publish the figures in July, we will announce the amount of Welfare calls that happened in June only, as well as the total number of all welfare calls so far. Please treat the following figures in this way:

  • Number of welfare calls
  • Number supported with advice and guidance
  • Amount of direct financial support
  • Number of food interventions

Some figures are more ongoing, and may fluctuate both up or down over the months, or remain static. These figures are:

  • Number of vulnerable residents
  • Number of staff in community facing roles
  • Number of residents at risk of arrears

When reporting on these numbers, please tell us the total number of residents/staff in that category that month, even if it is the same as last month. Please also indicate to us whether this is higher, lower, or the same as last month.

When reporting “number of residents identified as vulnerable in the past month”, please use your own organisation’s definition of vulnerability. Reasons for vulnerability may include suffering from aggravated health or well-being issues as a result of self-isolation or illness. The important thing is to stick with the definition you choose over the remaining months.

When reporting the “Percentage of residents requesting any form of support”, please report what percentage of resident have requested any form of support following a welfare call. This is a percentage of people who received a call, not about what percentage of all residents requested support.

When reporting “Number of people supported with advice and guidance in the past month”, this is mostly about one-to-one or personalised guidance, or guidance targeted directly at a group of residents. It doesn’t refer to posts on social media, or resident newsletters distributed to all residents.

When reporting “Number of staff deployed to community response roles in the past month”, please note that this figure is about all staff who have had their role diverted to respond to the crisis. This include community investment staff whose roles have changed to respond to the pandemic e.g. a community centre worker who has started making welfare calls. ‘Community response roles’ aren’t exclusively community investment work, but can be any crisis response work that is resident-facing.

When reporting “Number of residents identified as being at risk of falling into arrears as a result of self-isolation or illness”, please use your own organisation’s definition of ‘at risk of falling into arrears’. Reasons for being at risk of arrears may include new applications to Universal Credit, or simply talking to residents and asking them if they are having difficulty paying rent. The important thing is to stick with the definition you choose over the remaining months.

When recording figures for “Amount distributed through direct financial support in the past month”, the advice in the data capture form calls for “direct financial support” including “hardship funds, rent relief funds, fuel vouchers, and any other funds distributed directly to residents/households.” We would like to clarify that this question is calling for direct financial support that is given to residents from the budget of your own organisation only.

Please do not include money claimed in benefits from the government that residents are entitled to. Please record money from your own organisation’s budget only going forward, and if you have included figures which count money that you have helped residents claim from other sources, please do amend your figures from previous months when you return you future figures.

Download the impact measures form.

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